NoodlesAnd Meatsauce

Noodles and Meat Sauce


small pack of ground beef from freezer, defrost (2 min one side, maybe 1 min other side in microwave)
1 can/glass tomato sauce open with Swiss army knife
1/3 - 1/2  of large pack of thin spaghetti

large pot of water, covered
bring to boil

medium pot with a bit of oil and the defrosted ground beef, cover with lid, fry
when the ground beef is cooked thru, add tomato sauce, cover with lid,
medium heat until boils
add mushrooms, cover, boil, then turn off.

meanwhile the large pot should boil
add noodles, stir until under water
do not cover with lid
keep at full boil until noodles are ready
then drain the noodles into sieve
rinse with cold water