Minh-Binh TRAN

(Trần Minh Běnh)




Van Vleck Assistant Professor

Office B312 Sterling Hall

Department of Mathematics

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706

Tel.: (608) 890 3165

email: mtran23 at wisc dot edu




I was born on February 28th, 1985 in Vietnam. I am currently a Van Vleck Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin Madison.



I have been carrying on interdisciplinary research, in collaborating with scientists from

·       The Department of Physics and The Center for Complex Quantum Systems (UT Austin)

·       The Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics and The Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (UT Austin)

·       Department of Biomolecular Chemistry - School of Medicine and Public Health (UW Madision)


My research focuses on the following topics:


1.  Main Theme A: Kinetic and Dispersive Equations -  Gas, Fluids and Quantum Physics



1.1 Quantum Kinetic Theory (The coupling Boltzmann-Schrodinger system):

i) Kinetic equations approach: The Cauchy problem (joint work with R. Alonso, I. M. Gamba); Hydrodynamics limits (joint work with S. Jin); Convergence to equilibrium (joint work with M. Escobedo); Positivity (joint work with T. Nguyen)

ii) Dispersive equations approach: Scattering theory (joint work with A. Soffer)

iii) Dynamical systems approach: The analog between the global attractor conjecture (GAC)  in chemical reaction network and the convergence to equilibrium of quantum kinetic equations: joint work with G. Craciun

iv) Quantum field theory approach: The Peletmiskii-Yatchenko derivation: (joint work with L. Reichl)

1.2 Dispersive waves: Weak turbulence for capillary waves (joint work with T. Nguyen)

1.3 Classical Kinetic Theory: Convergence to equilibrium; Fokker-Plank equations; Nonlinear Approximation for Boltzmann equation; Structure Preserving Scheme



2.  Main Theme B: Scientific Computing and Computational Sciences


2.1      Paralleling Computing:


2.1.1 Domain Decomposition Methods, Absorbing Boundary Conditions


2.1.2 Applications to:


- Control Theory


- Kinetic Theory


- Stochastic Differential Equations and Financial Mathematics


2.2      Hybridized Discontinuous Galerkin Method


2.3      Approximation Theory: Wavelet, Splines, Spectral Method







I am writing the blog ‘On the theories of weak turbulence and quantum kinetics’. The blog is devoted to the description of our recent research results on quantum kinetic and dispersive waves. Please check out the Introduction and the Table Of Contents – where a list of all posts is supplied.


I am participating in the European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant Project DYCON, as an External Associate Member.




My Research


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My Teaching


1.  Fall 2015: Math 421


2.  Fall 2016: Math 319


3.  Spring 2017: Math 421


4.  Fall 2017: Math 421






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