Current Teaching

During Spring 2018 I'm a TA for math 234-Lec 001 sections 308 and 309

Lecture T Th 1-2:15 VV 102, Discussion MW 12:05-12:55 (VV B129) and MW 1:20-2:10 (VV B105)

Office hours T Th 2:30-3:30 (VV 718) & by appointment

In this page you can find the weekly HW.

You can follow your grades at Learn@UW.

In this links you can find the Syllabus and Schedule for the course.

Here I'll be posting the worksheets and quizzes that we used in class.

For week 1 we used Worksheet 1.

For week 2 we used Worksheet 2 and Worksheet 2.1.

For week 3 we used Worksheet 3 and Worksheet 3.1.

For week 4 we used Worksheet 4 and Worksheet 4.1.