2010 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Elliptic curves, Hypergeometry, and Modular Forms

        Van Vleck Hall

      Madison, WI 53706

         Fax: 608 263 8891
Dates: June 7, 2010 - July 23, 2010. Reserved Room: B227 Van Vleck

Professor Ono is running an REU in 2011 at Emory University. Click here for information.


  • David Brown, NSF-RTG Van Vleck Assistant Professor.
  • Bryden Cais, NSF-RTG Van Vleck Assistant Professor.
  • Ken Ono, Manasse Professor of Letters and Science and the Hilldale Professor of Mathematics.
  • Amanda Folsom, Van Vleck Assistant Professor and NSF Postdoctoral Fellow.
  • Riad Masri, Van Vleck Assistant Professor.
  • Marie Jameson, NSF-RTG Fellow.


    Since 2005 our REU has enjoyed two Frank and Brennie Morgan Prizes (and 1 runner up), two Alice T. Schafer Winners (and 2 runners-up), 1 Gates Fellow, 6 Goldwater Scholars, 6 Churchill Fellows (Cambridge), multiple Putnam Fellows, and multiple NSF/NDSEG Graduate Fellows.


    Note. Some participants are funded by non-NSF sources.

    Their results

  • R. Hoberg, G. Tran, and M. West, Subbarao's Conjecture on the parity of the partition function, submitted for publication.
  • E. Larson and D. Vaintrob, in preparation.
  • P.-H. Lee and A. Zamorzaev, Parity of the partition function and traces of singular moduli, submitted for publication.
  • K. Monks, On supersingular elliptic curves and hypergeometric functions, submitted for publication.
  • Y.-Y. Tran, Generalization of Atkin's orthogonal polynomials and supersingular elliptic curves, submitted for publication.

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    Note: Housing will be single occupancy.

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    For information, please email Ken Ono at ono[at]math.wisc.edu