Math 211: Calculus

Spring 2013, Math 211 LEC 001 : Van Vleck B102, 09:30 AM - 10:45 AM, TR

Instructor:    Philip Matchett Wood
Office:            421 Van Vleck
Office hours:   TR 10:45am--11:45pm or by appt.

Course Textbook: Brief Applied Calculus by Stewart and Clegg.

Enrollment questions: If you want to switch sections or have questions about getting into a different section, please contact Diane Rivard, who manages the wait lists for Math 211.

Course Website on Piazza

NOTE: you will need to join the course through the Piazza website; most of the course information (including the syllabus) will be posted on Piazza.

Grades will be made available to via the Learn@UW site for Math 211.