the Writing Center

Below are some links to writing advice for mathematics papers, and also some tips in including xfig diagrams in LaTeX files.

Most useful things
Geir's paper-writing advice. This is a good overview of what you should put into a mathematics paper.
Outline LaTeX file (from Phil). My hope is that you will be able to download this file, delete the random stuff I have thrown into the body, and then use the skeleton to write your own paper. You can also see the pdf file of this document by looking here.
Information about Figures
How to include xfig diagrams in a LaTeX document, by Phil.
How to install xfig in MS Windows, a very complete and useful description of how to get xfig up and running if you use Windows.
A few other sources of LaTeX information
Example LaTeX file from Phil Farrell.
LaTeX introduction by Wayne Wang. His page gives a nice collection of online resources for learning LaTeX.
A Harvard Introduction to LaTeX, complete with handy charts of symbols you might want to use.

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