• Spring recess: Mar 31-Apr 8 (S-N)
  • Date Topic in Notes Pages in Thomas
    M Jan 22The indefinite integral553-560
    M Jan 22Standard Integrals553-560
    M Jan 22Method of substitution581-593
    W Jan 24The double angle trick581-593
    F Jan 26Integration by Parts561-560
    M Jan 29Reduction Formulas561-560
    W Jan 31Partial Fraction Expansion570-581
    M Feb 6Taylor Polynomials
    M Feb 12 Some special Taylor polynomials
    M Feb 12The Remainder Term
    M Feb 12Lagrange's Formula for the Remainder Term
    W Feb 14The limit as x tends to zero keeping n fixed
    W Feb 14Little-oh
    F Feb 16Computations with Taylor polynomials
    F Feb 16Differentiating Taylor polynomials
    M Feb 19The Limit as n tends to infinity keeping x fixed
    W Feb 21Leibniz' formulas for ln 2 and π/4
    W Feb 21Some proofs
    F Feb 23Complex numbers
    F Feb 23Argument and Absolute Value
    M Feb 26Geometry of Arithmetic
    M Feb 26Applications in Trigonometry
    W Feb 28Calculus of complex valued functions
    W Feb 28The Complex Exponential Function
    W Feb 28Other handy things you can do with complex numbers
    M Mar 5What is a DiffEq?
    M Mar 5First Order Separable Equations
    W Mar 7 First Order Linear Equations
    W Mar 7Dynamical Systems and Determinism
    F Mar 9Higher order equations
    M Mar 12Constant Coefficient Linear Homogeneous Equations
    W Mar 12Inhomogeneous Linear Equations
    W Mar 14Variation of Constants
    F Mar 16Applications of Second Order Linear Equations
    M Mar 19Introduction to vectors
    M Mar 19Parametric equations for lines and planes
    W Mar 21Vector Bases
    W Mar 21Dot Product
    F Mar 23Cross Product
    F Mar 23A few applications of the cross product
    M Mar 30Notation
    M Mar 30Summary
    M Apr 9Parametric Curves
    M Apr 9Examples of parametrized curves
    W Apr 11The derivative of a vector function
    W Apr 11Higher derivatives and product rules
    M Apr 13Interpretation of the derivative as the velocity vector
    M Apr 13 Acceleration and Force
    W Apr 15Tangents and the unit tangent vector
    F Apr 17Sketching a parametric curve
    M Apr 20Length of a curve
    W Apr 18Curvature and the unit normal vector
    F May 4Graphs in Cartesian and in Polar Coordinates
    M May 7Conic Sections
    W May 9The Kepler Problem