2018 Mathematical Contest in Modeling @ UW-MADISON

Sponsored by the AMEP Program at UW-Madison (Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics)

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) is an exciting international competition, and it's a big one. Last year, over 7400 teams internationally participated in the contest.

Two real-world problems (one continuous in nature, and one discrete) are released worldwide at the same moment. Teams of three undergraduates choose one of these problems, and have only 96 hours to develop a mathematical model, derive and/or compute solutions, and present the results in a formal paper! Problems are designed to be open-ended and are unlikely to have a unique solution. Clarity, analysis, and design are therefore of critical importance.

The problems are taken from all fields of science, government, and industry. Past problems include:

Successful teams are commonly composed of individuals from different departments. Teamwork, creativity, and energy are at least as important as an interest in applying mathematics to real-world problems. MCM competitions are fun, satisfying and memorable experiences.

Important Dates:

Organizational / practice sessions (Van Vleck Hall room 901):

Competition dates:




Peidong Wang, Hanyang Zhang, and Ziyuan Zhang (Honorable Mention)

Yining Wang, Chi Zhang, and Zonghao Zou (Successful Participant)


Joseph Lukasik, Colin Wahl, and Bai-Yang Wang (Successful Participant)

Felipe Gutierrez, Jacob Johnson, and Blake Nigh (Meritorious)

Aaron Kelly, Daotong Ge, and Weihong Li (Successful Participant)

Jianghao Cui, Zonglin Han, and Yufan Xu (Honorable Mention)

Jialing Lia, and Yijie Wang (Successful Participant)

Aoyu Fan, Boyang Tang, Kun Wang (Successful Participant)


Wing Lou, Sijia Lu, and Chenchen Qi (Successful Participant)

Joseph Lukasik, Colin Wahl, and Bai-Yang Wang (Successful Participant)

Qingquan Wang, Kin Hang Wong, and Yumo Zhang (Meritorious)

Nick Derr, Jacob Johnson, and Alex Kocher (Honorable Mention)

Zicheng Men, Yu Wang, and Yingwei Zhu (Honorable Mention)


Ian Campbell, Kristian Chavira, and Michael Reilly (Meritorious)

Zhengkai Feng, Tao Ju, and Ying Li (Successful Participant)

Joseph G. Lukasik, Colin P. Wahl, and Bai Yang Wang (Successful Participant)


Ningyuan Chen, Chi Zhang, and Geyunjian Zhu (Successful Participant)

Robert Wiley Deal, Christopher Nelson, and Clark Zinzow (Successful Participant)

Nick Grabon, Zeyuan Hu, and Sunil Upadhyay (Successful Participant)

Xinyun Rong, Yiding Xu, and Min Zhang (Meritorious)

Teng Wang, Yue Yin, and Dake Zhang (Successful Participant)

Outstanding (1%), Meritorious (9%), Honorable Mention (31%), Successful Participant (57%)

Faculty advisor: Saverio Spagnolie

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