MATH 222-4: Calculus and Analytic Geometry, Spring 2016



Course Details:

Instructor: Saverio Spagnolie

Lectures: TR 2:30-3:45am in Van Vleck Hall B102

Head TA: The head TA is Robert Laudone. You may reach out to Robert with any concerns about the course that you don't feel comfortable discussing with your own TA.


This semester we will be using as a forum for communication; all class-related discussion will be conducted there so that you can enjoy the collective knowledge of your classmates and instructors. I encourage you to ask questions when you are struggling to understand concepts.

All the course information will be posted on the Piazza site. The TAs and I will check the site a few times a week.

The Piazza site allows you to ask questions anonymously to other students. Two notes on etiquette:

Learn@UW (grades only):

All grades will be promptly posted on Learn@UW. Those are the official course grades, but typos happen, and it is your responsibility to double check that the posted those grades are correct. If you find an error in your posted grade, let your TA know as soon as possible.

Help is available! If you are concerned about your performance in the course, it is best to get extra help as soon as possible.

Most of this information was taken from the Getting help in your math class page.

Comments and Concerns

We are always interested in hearing your feedback about the course or about your instructors, whether it is positive or negative. In addition, we are always interested in helping resolve your concerns about the course. So if you have questions, comments, or concerns about this course, I encourage you to first email or speak directly to your TA about them. Sometimes however, you may not feel comfortable raising your concerns with your TA, or you may not be satisfied with their response. If this is the case, here is a summary of various people you can reach out to: