MATH 705: Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Fall 2012


Course Details:

Time: MWF 9:55am-10:45am

Room: Van Vleck B219

Office hours: MWF 11am-12pm (VV505)

Instructor: Saverio Spagnolie

Office: Van Vleck 505

Course website:


You may be interested in visiting the following supplementary texts; the first four have been placed on reserve in the math library (Van Vleck B224):

Course Content:

This course will explore the dynamics of fluids from a rigorous mathematical perspective. Topics will include the kinematics of fluids, the Navier-Stokes equations, potential flows, vorticity dynamics, viscosity-dominated (Stokes) flows, lubrication theory, classical airfoil theory, boundary layers, and water waves. Discussions will take us from classical, centuries-old techniques to open questions of active research and just recently observed phenomena. Incoming students should have experience with partial differential equations and basic complex variables.


The final grade will be set by scores on homework assignments (90%) and on a short project (10%).

Homework/exam policy:

Feel free to discuss the homework with each other, but you are required to write up and turn in your own solutions. The take-home exam should be completed on your own.

Homework sets:

Homework set #1 (Due 9/17/2012): HW #1

Homework set #2 (Due 10/01/2012): HW #2

Homework set #3 (Due 10/22/2012): HW #3

Homework set #4 (Due 11/12/2012): HW #4

Homework set #5 (Due 12/03/2012): HW #5

Homework set #6 (Due 12/19/2012): HW #6