MATH 801: Topics in Applied Mathematics: Biological Continuum Mechanics, Spring 2014


Course Flyer

Course Details:

Instructor: Saverio Spagnolie

Time: MWF 11am-11:50am

Room: Van Vleck Hall, room B131

Office hours: by appointment

Course Content:

In this course we will explore mathematical continuum mechanics and a number of applications in biological systems. Topics will include an introduction to continuum mechanics, constitutive laws, approximate models, objectivity, nonlinear elasticity, viscoelasticity, morpho-elasticity (growth), tissue modeling, membranes, slender-body theory, biolocomotion, and active fluids.


You should have a solid foundation of multi-variable calculus and some experience with partial differential equations.

Supplementary material:

We won't be using a particular textbook, and a number of discussions will be based on recent papers, but here are a few great books that I will try to make available in the library:

Two other great books:


Homework problems may be assigned but will not be collected, and there will be no exams.