Math 490 - Collaborative Undergraduate Research Lab (Spring 2017)

  • Lecture times and location: TR 1PM - 2:15PM, Van Vleck B107
  • Textbooks (recommended):
    • Peter Gibley, Graphs, Surfaces, and Homology, third edition
  • Course website:
  • Piazza page: link
  • Course info: link
  • Instructor: Steven Sam email
  • Instructor office hours: 321 Van Vleck, Wednesdays 2:30PM-3:30PM, or by appointment
  • TA: Jay Yang (email)


Jan 17 Rings and modules
Jan 19Quotient modules
Chain complexes, homology
Jan 24Free modules
Homology of a graph
Jan 26Homology of a graph (continued)
Jan 31 Homology of a graph (continued)
Simplicial complexes
Feb 2Simplicial homology
Feb 7 Homology with field coefficients
Chain maps
Feb 9 Long exact sequence on homology
Feb 14 Homology of a simplex
Discussion of project topics
Feb 16Discussion of project topics
Feb 21Student presentation: Smith normal form
Feb 23Student presentation: Universal coefficient theorem
Feb 28 Student presentation: Algebraic Morse theory
Mar 2Review of presentations and reports
Mar 7Progress reports
Mar 9Progress reports
Mar 14Progress reports
Mar 16Progress reports
Mar 21Spring break - no class
Mar 23Spring break - no class
Mar 28Progress reports
Mar 30Progress reports
Apr 4Progress reports
Apr 6Progress reports
Apr 11Progress reports
Apr 13Progress reports
Apr 18Progress reports
Apr 20Progress reports
Apr 25Progress reports
Apr 27Progress reports
May 2no class
May 4no class