Tonghai Yang
Title:  Professor
Department of Mathematics 
University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, WI 53706 
Office Phone: (608)263-4219 

                                                  Hometown Education   Foundation
                                      We  seek your support to financially help poor kids in  China to continue their very baisic
                                       Elementary through High School Education.  A little support makes a big difference to the kids
                                       and is also an inspiration to them  and people around the. Your donation is tax deductable, and 
                                       go to the needy students 100 percent directly. When  you shop online, please go to our website
                               and click the store (e.g. to continue your shopping
                                        as usual. With just this extra click, we will get 3% of the proceed for the poor kids!

                                                                          Organ Donation

                                       I am a kidney recipient. The generous gift of an anonymous donor who died in July 2005 gave me
                                       a new life and enabled me to do and enjoy the things I want to again. It is really a life change experience.
                                      A lot of people are waiting for such a chance due to lack of organ donations. It is quite simple to  become                                         organ donor (and/or bone donor), just put an `organ donor'  sticker on your ID card  (say driver's license)
                                      and tell your family about your decision.  It really saves lives and makes life much better  for the recipients
                                      and their families.