Number Theory Seminar - Fall  2005

Tuesdays and Thursday 2:30 - 3:45 pm
B337 Van Vleck 

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Sept. 8 Nigel Boston
Galois groups of tamely ramified p-extensions.
Sept. 15 Andrew Shallue UW-Madison Deterministically finding points on elliptic curves over finite fields.
Sept. 22 Ben  Brubaker
Stanford U.
Recent Progress on Dirichlet Series Associated to Weyl Groups
Sept. 29 Ken Ono
Modular forms, infinite products, and singular moduli
Oct. 6 Jordan Ellenberg UW-Madison Speculations about asymptotic formulas for number of rational points on varieties over number fields and function fields
Oct. 13

Oct. 20 Rafe Jones
The density of prime divisors of quadratic recurrences
Oct. 27 David P. Roberts
U. Minnesota-Morris
2-adic ramification in some 2-extensions of Q
Nov. 3 Tal Sutton
UW-Madison Theta Liftings and Central Values of Automorphic L-Functions
Nov. 10 Jeremy Rouse UW-Madison
Traces of Singular Moduli on Hilbert Modular Surfaces
Nov. 17 Doug Ulmer
Ranks of Jacobians over function fields
Nov. 24 Thanksgiving

Dec. 1 Rachel Pries
Colorado State
p-torsion of curves in characteristic p
Dec. 8 Kathrin Bringmann UW-Madison
Freeman Dyson's "Challenge for the Future": The mock theta functions


Abstract and Reference

Sept . 6
Jayce Getz
A very brief introduction to Shimura varieties and automorphic forms I
Sept. 13
Jayce Getz UW-Madison A very brief introduction to Shimura varieties and automorphic forms II
Sept. 20
Paul Jenkins
On some applications of automorphic forms to number theory (pretalk to Brubaker's talk)
Sept. 27
Jeremy Rouse
UW-Madison The Weil Conjectures I
Oct. 4
Jeremy Rouse
UW-Madison The Weil Conjectures II
Oct. 11
Chris Holden
Mod p representations on elliptic curves
Oct. 18
Hue Xue (regular seminar) U. Michigan
Central values of L-functions over CM fields (for abstract see Thursday seminar abstracts)
Oct. 25
Frank Thorne
Ramanujan's Ternary Quadratic Form
Nov. 1
Ben Kane
Bounding Special Values, Twists, and Tate-Shafarevich
Nov. 8
Adam Logan  (regular seminar)
U. Liverpool/CRM  Descent by Richelot isogeny on the Jacobians of plane quartics
Nov. 15
Matt Darnall
The Picard group
Nov. 22
Rob Rhoades UW-Madison p-adic and Combinatorial Properties of Modular Form Coefficients
Nov. 29
Patrick Rault
UW-Madison Arakelov Theory
Dec. 6
David Dueber UW-Madison Lower Bounds on Discriminants

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