Number Theory Seminar----Spring 2005 
                                            Thursday at 1:20 pm        B211 VAN VLECK
     The Abstracts are here
Jan. 27
Jeremy Rouse
The Arithmetic of Borcherds Products for Hilbert Modular Forms 
Feb. 3
Amanda Folsom
Modular Units and Continued Fractions 
Feb. 10
Jayce Getz
Feb. 17
Karl Mahlburg
Cranks Revisited and Higher Ramanujan Congruences
Feb. 24
 Judy Walker
 U. Nebraska
Shadows of self-dual additive codes over GF(4)
Mar.  3
Lillian Pierce
A Bound for the 3-Part of Class Numbers of Quadratic Fields via the Square Sieve
Mar. 10
Paul Jenkins
Recent results on traces of singular moduli
Mar. 17
W. Duke
On traces of singular moduli
Mar. 24
Spring Break
Mar. 28 (special) Rafe Jones  Brown U.  The "Mandelbrot Set" of a Finite Field
Mar. 31
Tony Milas
SUNY at Albany
Modular Forms and Infinite-dimensional Lie Algebras
Apr. 7
F. Shahidi
 Purdue U.
"On Sato-Tate conjecture"
Apr. 14
Eyal Goren
McGill U.
Higher analogues of elliptic units
Apr. 21
A. Raghuram
U. Iowa
Special values of L-functions
Apr. 22 (Special, 1:20pm at VV B211) Eki Ghate  Tata Inst., India On the local behaviour of ordinary Galois representations
Apr. 28
John Jossey
Galois 2-groups unramified outside 2.
May 5
You-Chiang Yi
On the Hilbert modularity of a quintic threefold