Seminars, conferences and short-term visits

  • July 15-21, workshop "Classical Algebraic Geometry", Oberwolfach, Germany.

  • July 2-11, KIAS, Seoul, Korea.

  • June 20-29, AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

  • May 28-31, a conference on Topology and Geometry, dedicated to the memory of Stefan Papadima. IMAR, Bucharest, Romania.

  • June 11-14, Special session on "Singularities in Geometry, Topology and Algebra" at the 2018 AMS-CMS Joint Meeting, Shanghai, China. Organizer.

  • March 23-24, Singularities in the Midwest, V at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Organizer.

  • March 2, Algebra seminar, University of Arkansas.

  • February 14, Algebraic geometry seminar, Purdue University.