Quinton Westrich

Fall 2013 - Math 234 Calculus--Functions of Several Variables: Disc 305 and 308

My Fall 2013 Office hours: 11am-12pm Mon, Wed, Fri, or by appointment.

Lecture Professor: Gregory Shinault
Course Website: [link]
This is the TA website. Go the the course website to access homework and syllabus information.

Times & Places:
Lecture: Mon,Wed,Fri 7:45 - 8:35pm in Van Vleck B130
Disc 305: Tue & Thu 7:45 - 8:35am in Van Vleck B113
Disc 308: Tue & Thu 8:50 - 9:40am in Van Hise 583

Miss a lecture?: Here are links that might help you recover.
[MIT OpenCourseware] has a multivariable calculus course with video lectures. Fall 2007
[UC Berkeley Video Lectures] by Edward Frenkel, Fall 2009

Caution! While these lectures are fantastic for understanding the material they cover, in general they emphasize different areas of the subject from what will be covered in the lectures here at UW. They cannot replace going to lecture.

Visualizing 3D Calculus: When blackboard artwork just isn't cutting it for you, check out:
- a freely available Mathematical Visualization program
[Wolfram Demonstrations]
- Multivariable Calculus and lots of other stuff in math, engineering, and science.
1.) Download the free CDF player [here].
2.) Download the demo file you want [here].
3.) Interact with the files. You can adjust parameters and see how things change.

Test Prep Material: Use this material to prepare for tests.
The Kleene Mathematics Library holds [Past Exams].

Online Textbooks and Lecture Notes:
[Shurman Text - Multivariable Calculus]
an advanced text

Prerequisite Material: Use this material for reference or review.
Here's what you should already know from Math 222: [Free UW Math 222 Book].
Here's what you should already know from Math 221: [Free UW Math 221 Book].


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Office hours: 11am-12pm Mon, Wed, Fri, or by appointment.

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