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Research Statement
Quinton Westrich
Some of My Notes

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Notes on Chern Classes: [pdf]- an expansion of the presentation in Griffiths and Harris, Jan 2015

Notes on the Calabi Conjecture- Notes on Yau's solution, in progress Summer 2014: [pdf]

Witten Deformation- Notes for a GAGS seminar talk I gave, Oct 2013: [pdf]

Complex Multilinear Algebra- Notes I took from Kobayashi-Nomizu, May 2013: [pdf]

Books on Kahler and Complex Geometry

Gang Tian. Canonical Metrics in Kahler Geometry (Birkhauser, 2000)
Gabor Szekelyhidi. An Introduction to Extremal Kahler Metrics (AMS, 2014)
Raymond Wells, Jr. Differential Analysis on Complex Manifolds, 3rd Ed. (Springer GTM, 2008)
Daniel Huybrechts. Complex Geometry: an introduction. (Springer, 2005)
Werner Ballmann. Lectures on Kahler Manifolds (Eur. Math. Soc., 2006)
Andrei Moroianu. Lectures on Kahler Geometry (London Math. Soc., 2007)
Griffiths and Harris. Principles of Algebraic Geometry (Wiley, 1994)

Fall 2014
MATH 747 Introduction to Lie Algebras
MATH 865 Ricci Flow, the Poincare Conjecture
MATH 763 Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
MATH 990 Directed Reading in Kahler Geometry

Summer 2014: Graduate Workshop on 4-Manifolds at SCGP - [website]
Reading about the Calabi Conjecture

Spring 2014
MATH 725 A Second Course in Real Analysis - Distribution Theory, Fourier Analysis
MATH 865 Topics in Geometry - [course homepage, lecture notes]
Began work on Kahler Geometry with Sean Paul

Jan 2014: Passed Real Analysis Qual - [old quals]

Fall 2013
MATH 721 Real Analysis I - Rudin, Real and Complex Analysis
MATH 753 Algebraic Topology - [course homepage, lecture notes]
MATH 819 Partial Differential Equations - Gilbarg-Trudinger

Summer 2013: Graduate Workshop in Kahler Geometry at SCGP - [website, lecture videos]

Spring 2013
MATH 865 Topics in Differential Topology - Symplectic Topology
MATH 765 Differential Geometry - [course homepage, HW]
MATH 752 Introductory Topology II - [course homepage, lecture notes]
MATH 742 Abstract Algebra II - Atiyah-MacDonald, Intro to Commutative Algebra; Milne, Fields and Galois Theory

Jan 2013: Passed Differential Topology Qual - [old quals]

Fall 2012
MATH 761 Differentiable Manifolds - Spivak, Vol 1
MATH 751 Introductory Topology I - Hatcher
MATH 741 Abstract Algebra I - Lang, Algebra; Serre, Linear Representations of Finite Groups


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