The Department of Mathematics at University of Wisconsin - Madison announces the
Fourth Annual Lecture
in the series Linear Algebra and Its Applications:

Iterative Methods for Solving Linear Systems

given by

Prof. Gene Golub

4:00 PM, Friday, May 7, 1999
B239 Van Vleck Hall

There will be a reception following the lecture, in the 9th floor lounge in Van Vleck Hall.

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison announces the fourth annual lecture in the series related to the Elsevier journal Linear Algebra and Its Applications which has been based at UW-Madison for many years:

We discuss  several problems in connection with solving linear systems. First, we consider various pre-conditioners for solving a variety of problems. This includes pre-conditioners for solving indefinite systems, and non-symmetric problems, especially when the skew-symmetric part of the matrix is dominant. Next, we describe the use of inner and outer iteration methods for solving problems where it is not possible to solve the equations using the pre-conditioner exactly. We attempt to restore the rate of convergence of the problem. Finally, we analyze the convergence properties of a method when the initial vector is considered to be a random vector. We give some
numerical examples.

About the speaker:fotoGene.jpg (12075 bytes)
Gene H. Golub was born in Chicago on Feb. 29, 1932. He was educated in the Chicago public school system. He attended the Univerity of Illinois where he received his doctorate in 1959. Subsequently, he held an NSF Fellowship at the University of Cambridge. He joined the faculty of Stanford University in 1962 where he is currently the Fletcher Jones Professor of Computer Science and a founder of the program in Scientific Computing and Computational Mathematics. He served as chairman of the CS department from 1981 until 1984.
Prof. Golub is noted for his work in the use of numerical methods in linear algebra for solving scientific and engineering problems. This work has resulted in a book, Matrix Computations, co-authored with Charles Van Loan.
Prof. Golub has served as President of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (1985-87). He is the founding editor of two SIAM journals, The SIAM Journal of Scientific and Statistical Computing and The SIAM Journal of Matrix Analysis and Applications. He is the originator of na-net and can be reached by e-mail as
Prof. Golub holds several honorary degrees, is a member of the The National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Sciences.

Van Vleck Hall is the mathematics building on the UW-Madison Campus. Rooms with numbers of the form Bxxx are in the classroom section in the basement of the building.

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