Peng’s Homepage

I’m a 6th-year graduate student from the math department at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Here is my CV.

My fields of interests are Shimura varieties and modular forms.

I’m currently working on Kudla program related questions, including special values of automorphic Green functions on CM cycles of Shimura varieties of orthogonal or unitary type and a proof of a generalized Gross-Zagier formula that relates Faltings heights of CM cycles with the central derivative of a Rankin-Selberg convolution L- function as well as intersection theory of arithmetic divisors and CM cycles. I am also interested in traces of singular moduli and a generalization of Gross-Zagier factorization formula on difference of CM values.

My thesis advisor is Professor Tonghai Yang.


Office: 422 Van Vleck
Office Tel: (608) 263-2410

Postal Address:
Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin
480 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1325