In my opinion, teaching is not only a formative and useful experience but also a delicate and joyful priviledge for mathematicians. It trains us to think hard about how we speak about mathematics and how to best convey difficult subjects.
I am pursuing an interactive and stimulating teaching style. I would like to meet students both inside and outside the classroom to discuss math with them. I believe that the training process of understanding the problem, learning necessary skills, trying to solve the problem and presenting ideas, is great preparation for future careers in all disciplines.
All suggestions and comments are welcome, either in RMP or e-mail.

Current Teaching @ UW- Madison

Spring 2018 Math 320 : Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Sections 004 & 005)
Fall 2017 Math 320(!) : Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Section 003, Honors-level)

Past Teaching and Courses @ Purdue