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Math 113: Trigonometry

Student Body: Math 113 is meant for those students who plan to take any calculus course needing trigonometry.
Credits: 3. (E)

Background and Goals: Covers the graphs, properties and geometric significance of trigonometric functions of a real variable. Other topics include trigonometric equations and identities, application, trigonometric form of complex numbers, DeMoivre's theorem, and polar and parametric equations. The course also has a significant number of applications, especially related to other disciplines.

Alternatives: Math 112 and Math 113 are both covered by Math 114.

Subsequent Courses: 

After Math 112 and Math 113 a student can enroll in Math 171, Math 211 or Math 221.

Course Content: 
  • Degrees and radians.
  • Arc length and sector area.
  • Similar triangles.
  • Trig ratios and right triangles.
  • Special angles.
  • Right triangles and applications.
  • Standard position; quadrants.
  • Trig functions; fundamental identities.
  • Inverse trig functions.
  • Laws of sines and cosines.
  • Double- and half-angle identities.
  • Basic graphs and graphing.
  • Graphs of A sin x, A cos x, M sin Bt + N cos Bt
  • Trig equations
  • Vectors: sums, differences, and complements. Dot products.
  • Polar coordinates; complex numbers; nth roots.
3 (N-A)
Adv math comp & suitable placement scores, or Math 112. Note that there is typographical error in the course guide that will be soon corrected. The prerequiste for math 113 is math 112 NOT math 101. Open to Fr. Closed to students with credit for Math 114 or Math 221.

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