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Math 114: Algebra and Trigonometry

Student Body: 

Not recommended for students with less than an AB in Math 100 or 101.

Background and Goals: 

The two semester sequence MATH 112-MATH 113 covers similar material as MATH 114, but in a slower pace. Not recommended for students with less than an AB in MATH 96.

Alternatives: A student wishing to take Math 221 after Math 114 can choose the sequence Math 171-217. Math 112 and Math 113 are together equivalent to Math 114.
Subsequent Courses: Calculus courses Math 211 or Math 221
Course Content:
  • Basic algebraic material: real numbers, exponents and radical
  • Equations, inequalities and applicationsEquations, inequalities and applications
  • Complex numbers 
  • Functions and their graphs
  • Transformations
  •  Composition of functions
  • Inverse functions 
  • Quadratic functions and applications
  • Polynomial functions, division of polynomials, Remainder and Factor Theorems, Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
  • Exponential, log functions, and applications
  • Non linear system of equations
  • Angles
  • Trig functions and graphs
  • Inverse trig functions
  • Right triangles and applications of trigonometry
  • Trig identities and formulas
  • Trig equations
  • Law of sines, law of cosines
  • Polar coordinates
5. (q-E)
MATH 96 or placement into MATH 114. MATH 118 does not fulfill the requisite

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