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Math 141: Quantitative Reasoning

Student Body: 

For students who need to satisfy part A of the Quantitative Reasoning requirement and prepare for Qr-B courses, but do not want to continue in the calculus sequence.

Background and Goals: 

The emphasis of this course is on reasoning and problem-solving. It is not intended to be a technique-oriented, template-problem-solving course, in which one practices on a lot of problems of a similar nature and then is tested on his or her ability to do problems presented in a very similar way.



Subsequent Courses: 


Course Content: 
  • Statistics
  • Coding information
  • Social choice and decision making
  • Size and shape
  • Consumer finance models
3 (q-E)
MATH 96 or placement into MATH 141. MATH 118 does not fulfill the requisite

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