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Math 171: Calculus with Algebra and Trigonometry I

Student Body: 

This course is intended for students who need some extra knowledge in precalculus and who also need a first semester calculus course

Background and Goals: 

Topics in algebra, trigonometry and precalculus are integrated with elementary differential calculus. Part of a 2-semester sequence with MATH 217; these two courses together are equivalent to MATH 114 and 221. 


Students can take Math 114 and Math 221 instead of Math 171 and Math 217.

Subsequent Courses: 

Math 217 (Calculus with Algebra and Trigonometry II)

Course Content: 
  • Basic algebra
    • real numbers
    • absolute values
    • inequalities
    • coordinates in the plane
    • lines
    • equations and identities
    • linear equations
    • polynomials
    • factoring
    • quadratic equations
    • exponents and radicals
    • simplification of algebraic expressions
  • Functions and graphs
    • functions
    • domain and range
    • graphs
    • shifting and scaling
    • slope of a curve at a point
    • secant and tangent lines
    • rates of change
    • limits
    • continuity
    • limits at infinity
  • Differentiation
    • definition of the derivative
    • basic rules for differentiation including sums, products, and quotients of functions
    • chain rule
    • implicit differentiation
    • derivatives of power functions and trigonometric functions
    • interpretation of derivatives as rates of change with applications
    • higher order derivatives
    • linear approximation
  • Trigonometric functions
    • radian measure
    • angles
    • trigonometric functions and their graphs
    • trigonometric identities
    • limits involving trigonometric function 
    • derivatives of trigonometric functions and applications
5 (q-E)
MATH 96 or placement into MATH 171. MATH 118 does not fulfill the requisite

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