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Math 210: Topics in Finite Mathematics

Student Body: 

Primarily students in social and biological science and prebusiness.

Background and Goals: 

This course covers topics in finite mathematics including elementary matrix algebra, linear programming, introduction to probability, and mathematics of finance. Students planning to take both Math 210 and Math 211 are advised to take Math 210 first.


Students preparing for advanced study in mathematics should take Math 221-222-234 rather than Math 210-211-213.

Subsequent Courses: 

Math 211-213. NOTE: Math 210 is NOT a requirement for Math 211.

Course Content: 
  • Sets, Venn diagrams, tree diagrams
  • Probability density functions, equally likely outcomes, combinations and permutations
  • Probability measures, conditional probability, Bayes' Theorem, Bernoulli processes
  • Random variables, expected value and standard deviation
  • Systems of linear equations, row operations, reduced form of matrix
  • Matrix algebra
  • Introduction to linear programming, graphical solution of two variable problems
  • Markov chains, transition matrices, stable vector of a regular Markov chain
  • Mathematics of finance, simple and compound interest, present value, amortization, sinking funds, bonds (optional), annuities
3 (r-N-I)
Advanced math competence -- algebra and suitable placement scores, or Math 112 or 114.

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