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Math 211: Calculus

Student Body: 

Primarily for students in social science and prebusiness.

Background and Goals: 

Essential concepts of differential and integral calculus; exponential and logarithmic functions; functions of several variables.  Enroll Info: Primarily for students in prebusiness and some social sciences. Students preparing for advanced study in mathematics, physics, engineering and other sciences should take MATH 221, 222 and 234 rather than MATH 210, 211 and 213. Most students in the biological sciences should take MATH 221.  MATH 210 does not fulfull the requisite.


Students in Engineering, Math, Physics and Science majors should take Math 221 rather than Math 211.
Subsequent Courses: 

Math 213.

Course Content: 
  • Functions
  • Derivatives and their applications
  • Exponential and logarithm functions
  • Integration and its applications
  • Integration techniques
  • Calculus of several variables
  • Differential equations
5. Students may not receive credit for both Math 211 and 221. (r-N-I)
MATH 112 or 114 or placement into MATH 211

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