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Math 240: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

Student Body: 

This course is intended for students in Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Background and Goals: 

As the title Introduction to Discrete Mathematics suggests, Math 240 is a course on the fundamentals of discrete (as opposed to continuous) mathematics. It is a requirement for the BS degree program in Computer Engineering offered by the ECE department. The course is a foundational math course for this program and is meant to be taken early in the program; it is also a good foundation for higher mathematics courses. You will be introduced to many new concepts and topics, and we shall not spend a long time on any one of them.



Subsequent Courses: 


Course Content: 
  • Logic, sets and functions (chapter 1).
  • Algorithms and integers (chapter 2 except 2.6).
  • Mathematical reasoning (chapter 3).
  • Counting (chapter 4 except 4.6).
  • Discrete Probability (section 5.1).
  • Recurrence relations (sections 6.1-6.3).
  • Relations (chapter 7 except 7.2).
  • Graphs (sections 8.1-8.2).
  • Trees (section 9.1).


3cr (N-I)
Math 221 or Math 217

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