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Math 309: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

Student Body: 

Majors in math and statistics.

Background and Goals: 
Math 309 is a single semester course in probability.  It is essentially equivalent to math 431.  (Note that math majors cannot use both math 309 and 431 towards the major requirements.)

The sequence 309-310 introduces the student to the basic concepts and methods of mathematical statistics. Although cross listed with Mathematics, this course is usually taught by faculty in the Statistics department. Please, contact the Statistics department for more information.


Math 431

Math 531 is a proof-based version of the course.
Subsequent Courses: 

Math 310 for those interested in mathematical statistics.

Math 632 for those interested in randomness in time.
Course Content: 
  • Probability and combinatorial methods, discrete and continous
  • Univariate and multivariate distributions
  • Expected values, moments
  • Normal distribution and derived distribution
  • Estimation
3. (N-A)
MATH 234 or concurrent enrollment; not open to students with credit for MATH/STAT 431 or STAT 311

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