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Math 310: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

Student Body: 

Majors in math and statistics.

Background and Goals: 

The sequence Math 309-310 introduces the student to the basic concepts and methods of mathematical statistics. Although this course is crosslisted with mathematics, it is the faculty at the Statistics department that usually teaches it. Please consult with the Statistics department for more information about this course.

Mathematical statistical inference aims at providing an understanding of likelihood's central role to statistical inference, using the language of mathematical statistics to analyze statistical procedures, and using the computer as a tool for understanding statistics. Specific topics include: samples and populations, estimation, hypothesis testing, and theoretical properties of statistical inference.



Subsequent Courses: 


3. (N-A)
(MATH/STAT 309, STAT 311, or MATH/STAT 431) and (STAT 224, STAT 301, STAT 302, STAT 324, STAT 371, or ECON 310); or graduate standing

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