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Math 522: Analysis II

Student Body: 

Math majors, Physics and Engineering majors and graduate students in related areas

Background and Goals: 
Special functions, power series, Fourier series, approximation, contraction principle, characterizations of compactness in metric spaces, applications to differential equations. Differential calculus in normed spaces, inclduing implicit and inverse function theorems. Course is essential for graduate work in mathematics.

The sequence Math 521-522-621 has the objective of conveying an understanding of the structure of analysis in itself as well as its role as a tool for other disciplines. This sequence is highly recommended for any math major and it is essential for students preparing for graduate studies in mathematics; also it should be taken by students in physics and engineering who intend to do graduate work in their areas.



Subsequent Courses: 

Math 621, also Math 623 and 629.

Course Content: 

See attached file.

3. (N-A)
MATH 521 and (MATH 320, 340, 341 or 375) or graduate or professional standing or member of the Pre-Masters Mathematics (Visiting International) Program

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