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Math 551: Elementary Topology



Student Body: 

Math majors and graduate students in related areas

Background and Goals: 

This is an introduction to the basic ideas and methods of point set topology. It is a good background for analysis courses and graduate topology courses. Normally it is advisable to have at least one previous proof-based course such as Math 341, Math 421, Math 521 or Math 541 before taking Math 551.



Subsequent Courses: 

Math 552.

Course Content: 
  • Elementary Set Theory: Sets, Cartesian products, equivalence relations, countability, the real line
  • Basic Topology: metric spaces, topological spaces, basis, continuity, connectedness, compactness
  • Selected Topics: Product and quotient topologies, manifolds, normality and extension theorems, the fundamental group, covering spaces
3. (N-A)
MATH 341, 375, (MATH 421 and 320), (MATH 421 and 340), (MATH 521 and 320) or (MATH 521 and 340) or graduate or professional standing or member of the Pre-Masters Mathematics (Visiting International) Program

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