Daniel Erman

I am interested in the study of syzygies and in the use of free complexes in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. Recently, I have become particularly interested in the study of syzygies under various asymptotic constructions, and in the study of algebraic geometry over finite fields.


University of California, Berkeley
2 010
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: 
Commutative Algebra, Applications of syzygies to Algebraic Geometry
Daniel Erman

Summer 2016:

My students DJ Bruce and Jay Yang have benefited tremendously from the RTG.  Jay used his RA semester to finish one project (preprint forthcoming this semester) and launch two other projects, one of which is collaborative with DJ.  DJ is an organizer of the RTG panels and both DJ and Jay are regular attendees of the our brown bag lunches.  Both have completed interesting papers this semester, and I expect to request some RTG funds to help them to travel to deliver seminar talks on these results.

We have used of some of Jay Yang’s research to develop (in collaboration with myself and DJ Bruce) a technique for applying sparse numerical linear algebra to the study of syzygies of Veronese varieties.  While it is not yet clear how this approach will compare with previous algorithms, it provides a totally different approach to doing computations about syzygies of Veronese varieties.

I have organized a weekly Brown Bag lunch which brings together grad students and professors to discuss career issues in a causal setting.  Topics have included: good vs. bad talks; conference etiquette; how to start collaborations; how to handle gender and diversity issues within and outside of the department; approaches to work/life balance; journal submissions; and more.  Attendees include a rotating group of 20 graduate students and 5 professors (Erman, Sam, Marshall, Ellenberg, Matchett Wood).

In addition, with the assistance of Daniel Erman, a group of graduate students organized career panels on: how to give a good talk, and how to write a grant.