Brandon Alberts

Graduate Fellow

Spring 2016:  I worked on computing the moments of the distribution of unramified G-extensions of imaginary quadratic fields for various G, verifying a conjecture of Melanie Wood.

Summer 2016:  I worked on my paper. I also participated in the RTG lunch on Mondays, and some RTG funds went to my trip to the Arizona winter school and my trip to Warwick for a conference on Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics and Arithmetic statistics.

Fall 2016: I posted two papers to the ArXiV. The first paper is titled "Cohen-Lenstra Moments for Some Nonabelian Groups", which I had been working on for the past year. The second paper written collaboratively with Jack Klys is titled "The Distribution of H_8-extensions of Quadratic Fields". I also used some RTG funds to attend and present the results of the first paper at the Quebec-Maine number theory conference.

Spring 2017: I used RTG funds to travel to the 2017 Atkin workshop and Arizona winter school.

Summer 2017: I posted a third paper to the arxiv on unramified metabelian extensions using lemmermeyer factorizations. I also used RTG funds to travel to the CAAATQuafs conference and a conference and summer school at the ICTP.

Fall 2017: In addition to editting my papers based on reviewer suggestions, I began applying for postdoctoral positions. I used RTG funds to travel and present at the Maine-Quebec number theory conference and the Southern California Number Theory Day.