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Graduate Courses

These courses are a list of courses that are offered, some only occasionally. To see if a particular course is offered for an upcoming semester, please check the Course Guide.
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Math 605: Stochastic Methods for Biology
Math 619 : Analysis of PDE
Math 623: Complex Analysis
Math 629: Introduction to Measure and Integration
Math 632: Intro to Stochastic Processes
Math 633: Queueing Theory and Stochastic Modeling
Math 635: An Introduction to Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus
Math 641: Introduction to Error-Correcting Codes
Math 703: Methods of Applied Mathematics 1 (Fall)
Math 704: Methods of Applied Mathematics II (Spring)
Math 705: Mathematical Fluid Dynamics (Fall)
Math 714: Methods of Computational Mathematics I (Fall)
Math 715: Methods of Computational Mathematics II (Spring)
Math 716: Ordinary Differential Equations
Math 721: Real Analysis I (Fall)
Math 722: Complex Analysis (Spring)
Math 725: A Second Course in Real Analysis (Spring)
Math 733: Theory of Probability I (Fall)
Math 734: Theory of Probability II (Spring)
Math 735: Stochastic Analysis
Math 740: Symmetric Functions
Math 741: Abstract Algebra I (Fall)
Math 742: Abstract Algebra II (Spring)
Math 746: Topics in Ring Theory
Math 747: Lie Algebras
Math 748: Algebraic Number Theory
Math 749: Analytic Number Theory (Fall)
Math 750: Homological Algebra (Spring)
Math 751: Introductory Topology I (Fall)
Math 752: Introductory Topology II (Spring)
Math 753: Algebraic Topology
Math 761: Differentiable Manifolds (Fall)
Math 763: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry (Fall)
Math 764: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry II
Math 765: Differential Geometry (Spring)
Math 770: Introduction to Mathematical Logic (Fall)
Math 771: Set Theory (canceled due to low enrollment!)
Math 773: Computability Theory (Spring)
Math 776: Model Theory (Spring)
Math 801: Topics in Scientific Computing
Math 807: Dynamical Systems (Spring)
Math 819: Partial Differential Equations (Fall)
Math 820: Partial Differential Equations (Spring)
Math 821: Topics in Analysis and PDEs (Fall)
Math 823: Advanced Topics in Complex Analysis (Fall)
Math 825: Selected Topics in Functional Analysis
Math 826: Advanced Topics in Functional Analysis and Differential Equations
Math 827: Fourier Analysis (Fall)
Math 828: Harmonic Analysis (Spring)
Math 833: Topics in the Theory of Probability (Fall)
Math 842: Topics in Applied Algebra (Fall)
Math 843: Representation Theory
Math 844: Arithmetic Geometry (Fall)
Math 845: Class Field Theory
Math 846: Topics in Combinatorics (Spring)
Math 848: Advanced Topics in Number Theory
Math 849: Automorphic Forms (Spring)
Math 851: Topics in Geometric Topology
Math 853: Topics in Algebraic Topology
Math 856: Topics in Differential Topology (Fall)
Math 863: Advanced Topics in Algebraic Geometry (Spring)
Math 865: Advanced Topics in Geometry (Fall)
Math 865: Advanced Topics in Geometry (Spring)
Math 867: Analytic Number Theory
Math 873: Advanced Topics in Foundations (Fall)
Math 873: Advanced Topics in Foundations (Spring)
Math 921: Graduate Analysis Seminar
Math 941: Seminar in Algebra
Math 951: Seminar in Topology
Math 967: Seminar in Number Theory
Math 975: Seminar in The Foundations of Mathematics

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