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Graduate Courses

These courses are a list of courses that are offered in the Math Department, some only occasionally. Beginning in 2018, course descriptions for graduate courses will no longer be uploaded to this site. For graduate topics courses please consult the individual course descriptions included on the Course Guide.

For instructions on how to navigate the course guide see "How to Fully Utilize the Course Guide."

Instructors should upload their individual course descriptions on their Faculty Center. For instructions see "How to Enter Textbooks and Course Descriptions".

Math 605: Stochastic Methods for Biology
Math 619 : Analysis of PDE
Math 623: Complex Analysis
Math 629: Introduction to Measure and Integration
Math 632: Intro to Stochastic Processes
Math 633: Queueing Theory and Stochastic Modeling
Math 635: An Introduction to Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus
Math 641: Introduction to Error-Correcting Codes
Math 703: Methods of Applied Mathematics 1
Math 704: Methods of Applied Mathematics II
Math 705: Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
Math 714: Methods of Computational Mathematics I
Math 715: Methods of Computational Mathematics II
Math 716: Ordinary Differential Equations
Math 721: Real Analysis I
Math 722: Complex Analysis
Math 725: A Second Course in Real Analysis
Math 733: Theory of Probability I
Math 734: Theory of Probability II
Math 735: Stochastic Analysis
Math 740: Symmetric Functions
Math 741: Abstract Algebra I
Math 742: Abstract Algebra II
Math 746: Topics in Ring Theory
Math 747: Lie Algebras
Math 748: Algebraic Number Theory
Math 749: Analytic Number Theory
Math 750: Homological Algebra
Math 751: Introductory Topology I
Math 752: Introductory Topology II
Math 753: Algebraic Topology
Math 761: Differentiable Manifolds
Math 763: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
Math 764: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry II
Math 765: Differential Geometry
Math 770: Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Math 771: Set Theory
Math 773: Computability Theory
Math 776: Model Theory
Math 801: Topics in Scientific Computing
Math 807: Dynamical Systems
Math 819: Partial Differential Equations
Math 820: Partial Differential Equations
Math 821: Topics in Analysis and PDEs
Math 823: Advanced Topics in Complex Analysis
Math 825: Selected Topics in Functional Analysis
Math 826: Advanced Topics in Functional Analysis and Differential Equations
Math 827: Fourier Analysis
Math 828: Harmonic Analysis
Math 833: Topics in the Theory of Probability
Math 842: Topics in Applied Algebra
Math 843: Representation Theory
Math 844: Arithmetic Geometry
Math 845: Class Field Theory
Math 846: Introduction to quantum groups
Math 848: Advanced Topics in Number Theory
Math 849: Automorphic Forms
Math 851: Topics in Geometric Topology
Math 853: Topics in Algebraic Topology
Math 856: Topics in Differential Topology
Math 863: Advanced Topics in Algebraic Geometry
Math 865: Advanced Topics in Geometry
Math 867: Analytic Number Theory
Math 873: Topics in relational Hrushovski constructions
Math 873: Advanced Topics in Foundations
Math 921: Graduate Analysis Seminar
Math 941: Seminar in Algebra
Math 951: Seminar in Topology
Math 967: Seminar in Number Theory
Math 975: Seminar in The Foundations of Mathematics

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