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Degree Requirements and Courses

Core Curriculum

Every AMEP student must take a core set of courses designed to provide a solid foundation in mathematics and the physical sciences. These courses are prerequisites for many upper-level courses in the Mathematics and Physics Departments, the College of Engineering, and other physical science departments. In a student’s first two years, he or she completes introductory math and physics sequences and fulfills a basic chemistry requirement.


Requirements for the BS-AMEP degree are listed in the UW Madison undergraduate catalog. The BS-AMEP degree requirements are somewhat different from those for a typical Letters & Sciences BS or BA degree (the latter are described here).

AMEP requires a total of a least 125 credits in the College of Letters and Sciences and/or the College of Engineering. These include the following minimum specific requirements:

Field/Dept Credits
Math 30
Physics 28
Chemistry 3
Engineering 21
Laboratory 3*
Computing 3*
Liberal Arts & Sciences 20
Total: 108*

The remaining credits to reach the minimum 125 are free electives typically selected with the help of an AMEP faculty advisor.

Courses in the core Math and Physics curriculum count towards fulfilling the requirements. All specific courses taken to meet the Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering requirements must be approved by an AMEP faculty advisor. Credits used to fulfill the Department of Physics requirement cannot be used to fulfill the College of Engineering requirement, and vice versa.

*Credits used to fulfill the laboratory and computing requirements may be counted towards the Departments of Math, Physics and College of Engineering requirements, where appropriate. Thus the minimum number of required specific credits could be as low as 102 (=108-3-3). The total minimum number of credits would still be 125.

The minimum 20 credits of Liberal Arts and Sciences must consist of courses outside of the physical sciences (C designated courses, not P courses), cannot exceed 10 credits within one department and 

  • must include at least 12 credits of Humanities and/or Social Studies
  • may include a maximum of 8 credits in Biological Sciences

In addition, students must complete the 

  • Communication A and B general graduation requirements,
  • 3 credits of Ethnic Studies Requirement ((e) designated course).
  • Foreign Language requirement: 8 credits (satisfied by two years of high school of single language coursework)

Communication, Ethnic Studies and Foreign Language courses taken to satisfy these general requirements may count as part of the minimum 20 credits of LAS. 

Please see Course Lists, Typical Course sequences, Descriptions for further information about specific courses recommended or required for AMEP.

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