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The Math department offers exams to students who want to earn credit for Math 221,Math 222, and Math 234. These exams are intended primarily for students who have had substantial calculus courses in high school or for transfer students who did not get transfer credits for a calculus course taken at another institution and desire to establish college credit at UW Madison for Math 221, 222, or 234. Students who have been or will be granted calculus advanced placement credit by other means do not need to take these exams.


The cost for each exam is $135.00. If you take two or more exams, you'll be charged for each exam. The bursar's office will add this as an additional class charge to your normal tuition and fees. Failure to appear at the exam location during the specified time will result in the forfeiture of this fee.

You must agree to pay $135.00 per exam as an additional fee to take these exams.


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Please bring a copy of your emailed confirmation with you to the exam.

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