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COVID-19 Information

This page collects together relevant information for UW-Madison Department of Mathematics graduate students and teaching assistants that may not be easily accessible elsewhere.  We will continue to update this page until campus resumes normal operations.  

The most up-to-date information about campuswide plans and response can be found at There is an overview (, information specific to graduate students ( and list of Emergency Funds and Basic Needs support (bottom of page). Human Resources (HR) has a separate page: There are also Virtual Support Services.

Campus' plan for reopening is the Smart Restart (, including a dashboard Training from HR: If there are any public health concerns, submit the form

Information from the official UW Madison pages supersede any information below.

COVID-19 Wisconsin Connect is a free desktop and mobile app that provides accurate information, social support and helpful resources to Wisconsinites. The desktop app can be accessed at ​​; the mobile app is under review by the Apple App and Google Play stores, and is expected to be available in early May.

Fact Checkers (

Access to Van Vleck Hall is not permitted without explicit permission.  See the teaching page for information/links on how to request access.


COVID-19 TA Information Page <-here you can find some instructional videos on using BBCollaborate ultra (aimed at TAs, but useful for lectures/office hours as well)

Resources for Online Learning

Organizational Effectiveness at a Distance


For research related information, follow up with your advisor.

If you were planning to attend an event (conference, seminar, collaboration visit), and the event was cancelled by the Host (inviting institution):

  1. Document the original invitation/announcement and cancellation. This could be an email from the inviting institution, an announcement on the conference’s website, etc.
  2. Call Fox World Travel to cancel your airfare. Make sure they email you a copy of the cancellation and any fees. Do NOT call the airline directly.
    1. Fox will issue you a credit for future travel instead of a refund. When submitting your reimbursement, you will be reimbursed for the original ticket price PLUS any cancellation fees.
  3. Call your hotel to cancel. If they charge cancellation fees, document this, and you can be reimbursed for the fees.
  4. If a conference cancels, they usually will refund your registration. If they charge a fee for this, document it, and you can be reimbursed.

We are still waiting for more guidance regarding reimbursements of travel if you’re only cancelling because of the Chancellor’s message. For now, follow the same steps listed above. These steps also apply if you are cancelling travel due to other reasons outside of your control, such as personal illness or extreme weather.


ISS Updates:

ISS Previous Messages:

VISA Extension per ISS: “Students with an expiring I-20 program end date can request an extension through ISS. This does not require travel. It is important for the I-20 to remain valid. The F-1 visa stamp only needs to be valid at the time of entry to the U.S. It can expire while the student is in the U.S. and it has no negative impact on the student’s status in the U.S. We have information on our website regarding renewing/replacing immigration documents for a reference point:” 


Spring 2020 Special Grading Option During Disruption (pass/fail) request window is May 9-22

Specialty Exam & Final Defense - These are allowed to take place virtually. Request a warrant by filling out the appropriate online form(s) from the Intranet, obtaining signatures via Adobe Acrobat, and emailing the completed form to the Graduate Coordinator. Signatures on the official warrant can also be collected through Adobe Acrobat.

Departmental Events - dept is working on online spaces.  The math department has a slack channel named math-department.  

Virtual Visitors' Day was March 24 and a success!

Math Department IT Help


Internet Resources for Wisconsin Residents

Tips for Navigating Unstable Internet Access

Campus Medical Services

Health Tracker


Campus Mental Health Resources

Dean of Students Office


Phone Mental Health Resources

Employee Assistance Office 608-263-2987

(24/7) UHS Mental Health Crisis Line 608-265-5600 option 9

Online Mental Health Resources




Additional Mental Health Resources

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources Guide & Support

Financial/Food Resources

Basic Needs Resources

Emergency Assistance: Form and Email

With access restricted to Van Vleck, this also means restricted access to the Math Department Community Pantry. Therefore, we have created a request form for pantry goods that can be delivered to you (subject to availability). If you find you cannot afford or are unable to leave home for food or toiletries during this time of uncertainty, complete the form and you will be contacted to coordinate drop off.

City of Madison

Public Health, City Service, & Community Updates


For any additional questions or information that was missed, contact Betsy or Kathie.

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