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COVID-19 TA Information

All TAs shouold fill out this form this form to let us know what your plan is.  Here is a spreadsheet of all the TAs' plans.

If you want to observe other TAs' sessions by joining as a guest, you can see a spreadsheet of TAs who are open to that here.

This document gives an outline for TA's on how to run virtual discussion sections: How to run a virtual discussion

Here is a series of short videos from Bobby to get you started using BBCollaborate Ultra for discussion sections -- check back often for updates!

Part 1: Creating a BBCU session

Part 2: Sharing mathematics
For another way, see part 4 below!

Part 3: Groups
(Bonus points if you spot my stupid calculus error in this video!)

Part 4: Using your phone as a doc cam

Part 5: Making a recording

BBCollaborate Ultra Help page

Access to Van Vleck Hall:  Permission to enter Van Vleck Hall will be given only to deliver essential synchronous instruction or to record essential instructional content.  L&S will only approve requests if there is appropriate justification to show that 1) the planned activity cannot be done it in any other way; 2) the planned activity is essential that it gets done. They will also need specific time intervals you would want be in the building, with specific locations. To request permission, fill out the google form here (uw login required):

For teaching questions, follow up with your instructor, Bobby, or Daniel.

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