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Early Alert System

Coordinator: Shirin Malekpour, Ph.D.
Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
720 Van Vleck Hall
e-mail: malekpou [at] math [dot] wisc [dot] edu

Program Overview:

The placement system at the University tells the student which math class s/he ought to take. The system is good but not perfect, so we often see students who are taking the wrong course and are unprepared for it. Those students are at risk of failing from the very beginning. The Early Warning system tries to address that problem.

At the beginning of each semester teaching assistants are asked to be on the look out for students who are not prepared for the course they are enrolled in. TAs are encouraged to give quizzes the first 3 weeks of classes. Sometime during the third week of classes you will be asked to refer those students to an adviser. The adviser will look at the background and future plans of the student and will issue a recommendation. These recommendations range from "study harder", "enroll in the mathematics tutorial program" to "switch to a different course". The recommendation is then e-mailed to the student and his/her academic adviser. The students will not be forced to take action, we will just give them advice. It is up to them to improve their situation. This information will not be included in the student's records.

To the Students:

If you have concerns about your math course, please first contact your TA and instructor. Please do not hesitate to contact Shirin Malekpour, the EAS coordinator. If you have questions about your placement, you can also contact the math department's placement advisor, Ms. Diane Rivard. Please also check out the student resources section of this page below.

Resources for Students:

  • Mathematics Tutorial Program
    A free small-group tutorial program in Van Vleck.Very structured, requires a time commitment by students.
  • Math Lab
    A free drop-in tutorial program in Van Vleck staffed by TAs and undergraduate tutors.
  • GUTS
    A free student-run program covering a variety of subjects. Staffed mostly by student volunteers.

Resources for TAs:

UW-Madison Department of Mathematics
Van Vleck Hall
480 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI  53706

(608) 263-3054

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