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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Application Questions

Why does the online 'status check' show that my test scores were not received?

How do I check the status of my online application?

How do I check if my transcripts or recommendations have arrived?

How do people apply for Research Assistantships?

I have questions about deadlines, prerequisites, cost of tuition, and assistantships/fellowships! Where do I look?

How many students on average do you accept into the program each year?

Is December 15 the deadline for all applicants or just domestic applicants? Does the deadline for international students differ from that day? And if I want to have financial support, do I have to apply much earlier?

Is there a minimum GPA for the Math Program?

Do you accept students in the Spring Semester?

Are students from small liberal arts colleges accepted or are the concentration of accepted students from large universities?

How can I tell if my qualifications match your school’s standards before submitting my application?


Financial Assistance Questions

What is the percentage of people who get fully funded into the MS and PhD programs?

Do I need to fill out any other forms to apply for an assistantship (Teaching Assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA))?

What is the percentage of people who get fully funded into the MS and PhD programs?

GRE Questions

If I do not take the subject GRE, am I still eligible to apply for the program?

If my GRE scores and TOEFL scores arrive after that date (December 15), is there any chance that I could be accepted?

What is the GRE Score requirement?

How old can the GRE score be?

Recommendations Questions

My professor says they won’t send in their recommendation electronically, can I submit a paper recommendation? The professor said they would send it in a sealed envelope with their signature on it. Will you accept a paper recommendation form?

Do my recommendation letters have to arrive by the application deadline?

TOEFL Questions

What is the minimum TOEFL score?

How old can my TOEFL score be?

Do I have to send my scores electronically from ETS?

Research Questions

Do I need to know my research area when I apply?

Materials Arriving Late, Review of Application

If my materials arrive after the deadline, will my application even be considered?

Other Questions not answered here:

Check the Graduate School website

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