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Financial Support

Financial Support for Incoming Students

The majority of students who are offered admission to the PhD program in Mathematics are also offered financial support in the form of a teaching assistant position. This support  is for five years if the student  has not been a graduate student;  otherwise it is for four years. Teaching Assistants at a 50% appointment rate receive a salary, health insurance and remission of all tuition (except segregated student fees.)  We guarantee at most five years of support, assuming satisfacory progress. However it is  the department's policy to try to continue to support those beyond the period of guaranteed support  who  are making satisfactory progress in their research and whose teaching performance is satisfactory.

The department also has access to some outside funds for fellowship support of graduate students. Applicants to the PhD program are automatically considered for all available forms of financial support. Outside fellowships may be for beginning study or for later years.

Financial support is typically limited to students admitted to the PhD program.

Cost of Study

See Tuition and Fee Schedule for complete details.

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