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Major Milestones

Master’s Degree

  • Time Limit: should finish in two years, but cannot be more than three

PhD Degree

Passing the Quals

  • Pass at least one qual by the beginning of your fourth semester
  • Pass at least two quals by the beginning of your sixth semester

Dissertator Status

  • A student must have a dissertation advisor by the end of the sixth semester. 
  • Requirements needed to obtain dissertator status
    • Pass 2 qualifying exams
    • Minor coursework completed or will be completed by end of semester
    • Have no incompletes (I), unreported (NR), or progress (P) grades on your transcript
    • Pass a specialty exam
    • 51 credits completed (including approved transfer credit (see below))
    • Have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average
  • Submit a PhD Minor Agreement Form and a Request for Preliminary Warrant Form to the Grad Coordinator (203 VV) FOUR WEEKS before you plan on taking your specialty exam. You need to know the date of the exam. The date should be four weeks or more after you submit these forms.
  • If you have graduate work from another university that you would like transferred, take a Transfer Credit Form, a copy of your transcript from that university, and a course description (from that university) to the Grad Coordinator to have the work approved. Submit this form with the two forms above.
  • Once the Warrant comes back from the Graduate School – you need to take it to the exam. If you pass, have the members of the committee (including your advisor) sign the warrant to verify you took the exam and passed. Turn the form to the Grad Coordinator immediately after the exam. The dissertator status will be approved to begin the semester following the semester in which you submitted the warrant. The only exception to this is if the warrant is submitted after the Graduate School’s final semester deadlines. Be sure to ask!


See Completing Your Degree & Commencement.


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