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Ph.D. with Specialty in Mathematics Education

Three of the requirements differ somewhat from those of the other specialties, and there is, in addition, a dissertation proposal requirement.

1. Specialty Exam. Before taking the specialty exam, complete a short research study under the guidance of a member of this department. The exam will be partly on this study.

2. Minor.The minor must be in departments other than mathematics, and the subject of the minor should bear on mathematics education.

3. Courses. This requirement is the same as for the other specialties except that the required 54 credits should include 18 credits in courses that relate to mathematics education, and at least one of the courses must be on research techniques in education. The 18 credits may come (wholly or in part) from courses included in the minor.

4. Dissertation Proposal. Prepare a dissertation proposal describing the investigation to be made and the methods to be used in obtaining and interpreting data. The department chair will appoint a committee of three or more faculty to act on the proposal. The committee shall include the likely dissertation director and faculty from department in which the candidate has done course work bearing on mathematics education.


Note  that the primary focus of the Ph.D. program is on mathematics. We currently do not have an active track in Mathematics Education within the Ph.D. program.

Students interested in Mathematics Education should contact the Research group in Mathematics Education within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.



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