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Ex-UW Prof Milewski Quoted on Quantum Experiment Developments

Oil droplets guided by “pilot waves” have failed to reproduce the results of the quantum double-slit experiment, crushing a century-old dream that there exists a single, concrete reality.

Paul Milewski (1995-2011 at UW) was recently quoted regarding the developments.


Slemrod works to prove famous fluid equations are incomplete

Professor Emeritus Marshall Slemrod has been researching how the equations map to various type of conditions.  “Navier-Stokes makes very good predictions for the air in the room,” said Slemrod, who presented the evidence last month in the journal Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena. But at high altitudes, and in other near-vacuum situations, “the equations become less and less accurate."  Read more at

Melanie Matchett Wood Named Minerva Distinguished Visitor at Princeton

Melanie Matchett Wood has been named the Minerva Distinguished Visitor at Princeton University.  She will be in residence at Princeton during the Fall semester of 2018.  It is a great honor to be chosen for this residency.   Congratulations, Melanie!

Roch and former student win Best Paper Award at top computational biology conference

Math faculty Sebastien Roch and former Ph.D. student Kun-Chieh (Jason) Wang won Best Paper Award at the prestigious 22nd Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB) 2018. Their submission "Circular Networks from Distorted Metrics’’ combines ideas from mathematical biology, combinatorial algorithms and theoretical statistics to make progress on the notoriously challenging problem of inferring phylogenetic networks from genetic data. 

 Trees have long been used as a representation of species relationships. However complex evolutionary events, such as genetic reassortments or hybrid speciations which occur commonly in viruses, bacteria and plants, do not fit into this elementary framework. Circular networks are one of the many possible generalizations of trees studied in evolutionary biology. Although such networks can be hard to interpret, their neat visualization and fast reconstruction have made them an exploratory tool of choice to detect network-like evolution in genomic datasets. Roch and Wang devised a new estimation method that is both fast and, in a mathematically rigorous sense, more robust to the noise intrinsic to this type of evolutionary data.

 External link:


Gabi Meyer wins L&S Mid-Career Award

Gabi Meyer has been awarded a College of Letters and Science Academic Staff Mid-Career Award.  This award, given to members of the L&S academic staff with 8 or more years of service are eligible for this award, carries a $3,000 cash award. These awards are granted to individuals who demonstrate outstanding performance in their positions, leadership and service beyond their positions, and substantial professional competency and promise of continuing contributions.


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