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Art Evans featured by Live Science, Yahoo

Arthur Evans, a new Van Vleck Assistant Professor in the Math Department, tells Live Science about his work showing how a curved object, like a cone, might be folded. Partly inspired by origami, Evans and his colleagues created 3-D models out of dental rubber to see how they deformed. Possible applications include robots and satellites.

Former Talent Search Winner Coaches USA Math Team to Big Win

A math team coached by former Talent Search winner, Po-Shen Loh, is getting praise from President Barack Obama and many others following its victory over China this week in the International Mathematical Olympiad.  

The team of six teenagers, topped more than 100 countries during the 10-day competition in Thailand.

The U.S. had not won the competition in 21 years, leading the White House to tweet celebratory congratulations and a “Go Team USA!"

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Slemrod Makes A Splash in Fluid Dynamics

Our own Marshall Slemrod has just made quite a splash.  He's shown that using the Navier-Stokes equations (the fundamental equations of fluid mechanics) to explain the Crookes radiometer, are 'incomplete'.  He proposed to use the  Korteweg theory to better approximate the Boltzmann equation for gases near vacuum. This is related to Hilbert's 6th problem.

See the article in Quanta Magazine:

Alum Awarded KSTF 2015 Teaching Fellowship

Congratulations to Erin Oakley (B.S. '13, Mathematics) on her selection as a Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Teaching Fellow for 2015.  Erin will begin her first year of teaching at Janesville–Waldorf–Pemberston School in Janesville, Minn., this fall. She is committed to teaching mathematics to high school students in the U.S. She also earned a  Master of Science in mathematics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2015.


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