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Former Van Vleck Professor Awarded Dolciani Prize for Excellence in Research

Amanda L. Folsom, a Van Vleck at the UW from 2007-2010, will receive the 2021 Mary P. Dolciani Prize for Excellence in Research from the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Folsom is a Professor of Mathematics at Amherst College. She was awarded the prize for her outstanding record of research in analytic and algebraic number theory, with applications to combinatorics and Lie theory, for her work with undergraduate students, and for her service to the profession, including her work to promote success of women in mathematics.


In Memoriam: Josh Chover

Josh Chover died on October 11, 2020.  He received the PhD from the University of Michigan in 1952. After three years at Bell Labs and one year at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, he joined our faculty in 1956. He was Chair of the Department fom 1977-79.  Josh started our probability group by hiring Peter Ney. 

He officially retired at the end of the 1992 calendar year and took up post-retirement employment which ended in 1993. Josh had served the department for 36 years, plus 5 additional part­ time years as an emeritus professor.

Josh's research had centered on probability theory and stochastic processes. More recently he had turned his attention to the study of mathematical models in biology, studying the brain via neural networks with random connections. Five graduate students completed dissertations under his supervision.

Josh was devoted to teaching and curriculum development on both the undergraduate and graduate level, and wrote "The Green Book of Calculus" in 1972 for a course he developed here. He was the originator of the idea of the Wednesday Noon Talks and brought many lively and informative lectures to Van Vleck Hall from around campus.

His entire life he enjoyed painting and was exhibited at the Pyle Center in 2016.



Fill The Hill!

Fill the Hill is one of the most beloved traditions at UW-Madison. Each year, the famous pink lawn flamingos flock to Bascom Hill as part of a fundraising effort that brings campus lore to life in support of the university. Every flamingo on the hill represents a gift someone has made to the UW during this period. The growing flock represents the support of the extended Badger community, whose philanthropy plays a vital role in keeping the UW strong.

Join this virtual event, October 21-23!




UW Alumnus Song Sun Wins New Frontier Award

UW Alumnus Song Sun (Ph.D., 2010, Xiu-Xiong Chen) has won a New Frontier Award from the Breakthrough Foundation for many groundbreaking contributions to complex differential geometry, including existence results for Kahler-Einstein metrics and connections with moduli questions and singularities.  Song Sun currently is at UC-Berkeley.


Zepeda-Nunez part of new method to improve simulations of waveforms

Our own Leonardo Zepeda-Nunez was part of this new method to expand the theoretical limit on the complexity of simulations.

Computer simulations of waveforms are essential tools for researchers in many fields, from earth science and the energy industry to medical imaging. A new mathematical method developed by MIT researchers eliminates a theoretical limit on the complexity of the simulations these fields can create as they work with increasingly powerful supercomputers.

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