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Remembering Hiroshi Gunji

Prof. Emeritus Hiroshi Gunji passed away recently from a stroke. He retired in 2001.  He was a dedicated teacher of calculus, and not many semesters went by when he wasn't lecturing in a calculus course. 

Hiroshi received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University in 1962, under the direction of Jun-ichi Igusa. His thesis was entitled "Some properties of curves of genus 2 representing singular points of variety of moduli." He spent two years at Cornell University, then two years at the University of Saskatchewan before coming to Madison in 1966 as an assistant professor. Hiroshi did important research in number theory and had four PhD students during his tenure in Madison. He had an tremendous impact on our graduate program as chair for very many years of the graduate admissions committee.

One incident which shows how much Hiroshi was admired by his students occurred in a calculus course in which he was lecturing. Hiroshi was using a microphone with a wire attached and it would often get wound up around his feet. Students took up a collection to buy a wireless microphone, distributing leaflets which contained the words "Free Professor Gunji!"

For many years Hiroshi was an amateur artist, he and Josh Chover were close friends and often painted together.

Alumnus Song Sun, Ph.D 2010, invited to Rio for ICM

Song Sun, who got his PhD in Madison in 2010 (Advisor:  Xiu-Xiong Chen) and is currently an Associate Professor at Stony Brook, has been invited to speak in the Geometry section of the International Conference of Mathematicians in Rio De Janerio, Brazil in 2018. We wholeheartedly congratulate Song on this great achievement and wish him all the best for a very distinguished career!

Alumnus Ben Kane Honored with prestigious Young Scholar Award

Ben Kane (Ph.D., 2007, Advisor: Tonghai Yang) has won the prestigious Hong Kong Mathematic Society Young Scholar Award.   He is cited for his fundamental contributions to number theory, especially on the theory of meromorphic modular forms and polar harmonic modular forms. As two of many beautiful applications of his joint work with Kathrin Bringmann, the authors proved a Ramanujan type formula for the Fourier coefficients of any meromorphic modular form of negative weight, and gave an explicit construction of meromorphic modular forms of weight 0 as sums of polar harmonic forms. Ben is at Hong Kong University.  Ben was one of three young mathematicians cited, along with Eric Chung of Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Xianpeng Hu of City University of Hong Kong. 

Shi Jin to be an Invited Speaker at ICM

Shi Jin has been chosen as an Invited Speaker at the next International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), in August 2018, in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

Being an ICM Invited Speaker is a great honor, congratulations Shi! so very well deserved!

Two Math TAs named L&S Teaching Fellows

Two of our talented Teaching Assistants, Alisha Zachariah and Di Fang, have been honored as L&S Teaching Fellows.  This award is granted to TAs from the College of Letters and Science who have achieved outstanding success as students and teachers.  This is the second year in a row that Di Fang has been awarded this honor, and the first year for Alisha Zachariah.


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