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Melanie Matchett Wood explores the rank of elliptic curves in new model

Melanie Matchett Wood is one of a group of four researchers who have recently come out with a model that upends the conventional wisdom in their field. They have used intensive computational data to suggest that for decades, if not longer, prevailing opinion about a fundamental concept has been wrong. 

The model, which was posted online in 2016 and is forthcoming in the Journal of the European Mathematical Society, concerns a venerable mathematical concept known as the “rank” of an algebraic equation.  The rank is a tidy way of characterizing an infinite set of rational solutions with just a single number. “It’s sort of the best possible way of describing rational solutions for these curves,” said Bjorn Poonen, a mathematician at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a co-author of the model along with Park, John Voight of Dartmouth College, and Melanie Matchett Wood of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Jiuya Wang wins AWM Dissertation prize

Jiuya Wang (Melanie Wood, Advisor, 2018) has won the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Dissertation Prize. This prize is awarded to three outstanding Ph.D. dissertations presented by female mathematical scientists a year.  Jiuya Wang is currently a Postdoc at Duke.  Her dissertation title was Malle's conjecture for compositum of number fields.   Congratulations Jiuya!

Tonghai Yang named as Fellow of the AMS for 2019

Congratulations to Tonghai Yang, the newest member of our department to be named a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) for 2019.  He was named For contributions to the theory of Shimura varieties, L-functions, automorphic forms, and complex multiplication.

The Fellows of the AMS designation recognizes members who have made outstanding contributions to the creation, exposition, advancement, communication, and utilization of mathematics.


Ellenberg Demonstrated Aaron Rodgers is the Superior QB

Jordan Ellenberg crunched the numbers, and he knows the answer.  The author of "How Not to Be Wrong" and UW-Madison Mathematics Professor was featured on NBC Sports to prove who was superior:  Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.  Jordan demonstrated how he came to his conclusion that Aaron Rodgers was in fact the better QB.


2nd Annual Emeriti Dinner Held

The Emeriti Affairs Committee (Richard Brualdi, Tom Kurtz, and Paul Rabinowitz) organized the second annual Math Emeriti Dinner on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at the University Club. The 32 participants enjoyed a buffet dinner of Vegetarian Strudel, Chicken Piccata, and Salmon, along with accompaniments, and Tiramisu for dessert. There was a lively predinner gathering in the Fireside Room of the University Club before the dinner in the Banquet Room.

Attending this year's event were: Dan Shea and Gail, Yvonne Nagel, Don Passman and Marj, Si Hellerstein and Billie, Arnie Miller and Man-Li, Marshall Osborn and Millie, Don Crowe and Mary, Steve Wainger and Phyllis, Bob Wilson and Elsie, Pat Ahern and Kate, Mike Voichick and Jane, Diane Rivard and John, Seymour Parter and Ruth, Joel Robbin and Ruth, Paul Rabinowitz and Birgit, Tom Kurtz, Richard Brualdi and Mona.


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