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Enrollment in Math Courses Guidelines

  1. Course recommendation depends on student's goals/major and placement/AP/transfer credit.
  2. Students who took their last math course over a year ago are strongly encouraged to take the math placement exam on an advisory basis, even if they are not required to. Placement based on their past work alone is often inaccurate.
  3. It is highly recommended that students take their needed math course right away rather than waiting.
  4. Students will not be allowed to sign up for courses higher than the course they have placed into.
  5. AP test results and transfer credits have priority over placement score.
  6. Retaking the placement test is an option if a student thinks the  scores do not represent accurately his/her knowledge of the material. Please read the new policy on the retake of the placement exam and refer students to the math consultant.
  7. Math 141 is recommended to fulfill the QR-A requirement if no further math is needed.
  8. WARNING If a student chooses to take the Math 171-217 sequence, he/she has to take both courses to get full credit for the equivalent of math 114 and math 221.  Those completing only 171 will NOT be granted full credit for any of math 112, 113, 114, 210, 211 or 221. They will NOT be allowed to sign up for 221 after completing only 171. 171 is only offered in the fall  following by math 217 in the spring.
  9. Note that Math 113 (trigonometry) is not a prerequisite for Math 211. Math 211 is accepted  by the Business school and  few programs as calculus. Caution should be used when recommending this course. Students might want to consider Math 221 if they got the adequate placement scores or prerequisites.


Placement Possible Actions
Math 96
  • Review and retake the placement exam (strongly recommended).
  • Sign up for the course.
  • According to Regent Policy, the student must place out of Math 96 or take Math 96 before completing 30 credit hours at UW-Madison.
Math 112
  • Check guidelines for fall sign up.
  • If can wait, sign up in the spring.
Math 113 or 211 If not planning on taking math 221 or do not need math 113 as a prerequisite or as a requirement for a major:

  • Sign up for math 211.
  • READ note 9.


  • Sign up for 113 or
  • Sign up for 171 (READ note 8) or Math 114.
Math 114
  • Sign up for 114 or
  • Sign up for 171 (READ note 8)
  • Sign up for 112 if planning to take math 211 only or is not feeling confident and wants a "slower" pace.
Math 211 or 221
  • Sign up for one of those courses  based on student's plans.
  • READ note 9.



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